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pam slide1How does Pam differ from so many of the coaching programs in today’s real estate marketplace? Many of today’s coaching program, whether provided by national coaching teams or successful salespeople turned mentor, tend to be generic in the nature of their efforts. They often target the basics of an agent's business. They are grounded in questions like, “How many calls did you make?” “What is your action plan for the week?” In its’ truest sense, it’s similar to an accountability partner relationship with a motivational twist. Pam believes these are successful components of a coaching program, especially for someone who is fairly new in the business. However, for an agent who has never had a problem with motivation or accountability, this style of coaching can often be a waste of time and money. The “bean counting” method doesn’t lead to the kind of growth and maturity that defines
a successful career or a TRUE business plan that leads to major growth.

Pam has a different philosophy…

”I have a different message...AND a different method to effectively influence the success of your real estate future, offering more than the “Topic of the Week” approach to coaching. My style of coaching is even bigger than “business consulting”. It is about clearly defining the reason that you are working every day, learning the principles of functioning like a BUSINESS OWNER, then building a business model that allows you to enjoy the success of your business. Best of all, it’s possible to do this without destroying everything else that matters to you.”

I call my Coaching Program “Planning On Purpose”. It is supported by personal one on one coaching and a thoroughly developed business planning program designed specifically for your business model as a Real Estate Professional. It will cause you to focus on more than the sale at hand, as important as it is. Soon the crisis management mode that comes so naturally in real estate starts to change. Thinking like a Business Owner...knowing that you must ultimately become the Management force, and not the Labor force, is the key to balancing all aspects of your life.

Does it seem like a lot to accomplish? Clarity and priorities makes it so much easier, and let’s not forget EXCITING! Turning your life’s dreams and ambitions into reality always is, and that’s what this special brand of coaching is all about.

I consider it a privilege to be part of the success of my “Planning on Purpose” Coaching Partners. If you believe it’s time to expand your vision and raise their expectations, I’m standing by and look forward to hearing about your desire to create exciting changes in your business...and your life!"

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