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narcl16 post pamela ermen 770x400Pam Ermen is one of the nation’s most qualified instructors on the topic of Real Estate Teams. Pam is a highly experienced and successful real estate manager, educator and speaker who began building teams in the mid 90’s and has spent over 20 years developing a clear understanding of what works…and what doesn’t! Her years in the “trenches” have allowed Pam to provide team leaders and their associates with direction and unique insights that are specific to the success of this real estate business model.

When working with Team Leaders, Pam addresses issues at the heart of healthy team growth: terms of team agreements, team policies and procedures, efficient and effective systems, effective use of administrative support, defining and protecting core values, hiring right, building a team brand, and lead creation, management and conversion. In addition, she is able to provide a road map for Team Leaders through a study of the 5 stages of successful team growth. Seeing real estate teams as basically a microcosm of a healthy real estate office, Pam exemplifies leadership principles that work, having managed successful offices for 30 years.

Pam’s management experience covers a variety of business models, having grown teams under the traditional split, fixed fee and capped production commission structures. Because of this, she’s equally able to speak to the questions and concerns of individual managers and companies regardless of brand.

She understands the fine line between supporting the growth of a company’s top producers and protecting the bottom line of an office or corporate structure. Pam is sensitive to the recruiting, retention and profitability issues that can arise if teams are left to grow without proper direction and oversight and can speak directly to them. Her feedback isn’t theory: it’s based on “real life” experiences and her mastery of this growing trend!

To book Pam as a speaker for your next convention or for your next training opportunity, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit their website for more information.

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