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More than ever, being informed and understanding your local marketplace matters. STAYING informed is the best way to remain one step ahead of all the market sends your way! In this timely, relevant and market-sensitive seminar, you can LEARN TO EARN by reading the market’s direction long before it shows up on your doorstep! We’ll study the Top 6 Economic Factors affecting your marketplace and your business and what you should DO to prepare Buyers and Sellers to take appropriate action! We’ll take fuzzy financial data, confusing economic reports and boring stats and turn them into some of the most exciting information you’ve heard in a long time!

Strategies, Scripts & Insider Secrets for Maximizing your Online Reviews Frustrated by requesting recommendations that never materialize? This session is for you! Spend a power hour (or two) learning the insider secrets of successful agents around the country who have amped up their business by maximizing their online reviews and recommendations. You will leave with specific strategies, scripts, and a step-by-step process that will turn your requests into reviews and your reviews into a new source of consistent business!

The real estate industry changes dramatically . . . are you still approaching your daily real estate business activities the same way you always have? Are your buyers and sellers paying the price because they’re working with an “old dog” who refuses to update his or her approach? In this session you’ll find out whether your systems, practices, ideologies and services are ahead of their time, ready for prime time, or have just timed out! You’ll be introduced to NEW and INNOVATIVE business ideas, concepts and technology to take your business and your buyer’s or seller’s experience (AND results) to the WOW level! Alternate title: “BBQ’ing ‘Sacred Cows!’”

As much as you may LOVE real estate, there are probably days you question whether there’s an easier way to make a living. Discover your love for real estate all over again! True business planning is the blueprint for a successful life: it defines the life you WANT to live and then develops a purposeful way to fund it! Through an effective 5-step process, you will clearly define YOUR vision of success and then develop a road map and successful strategies to make it happen! This is your chance to eliminate year after year of unacceptable production and instead enact your best year yet! (Offered 2 hours to 2 days)

Will your properties be first out of the gate, prepared to compete and headed for the finish line OR are they destined to take a few laps around the track? Pinpointing property position and price remains a challenge—whether your market has a growing inventory or is as competitive as ever! Learn a number of highly effective pricing strategies, how to create that “crystal ball” by applying supply and demand principles; and why cheap money is not a Seller’s friend! Discover how to control your Seller’s expectations and put their home first on a Buyer’s list! Available Hourly Segments: “The Psychology of the Seller,” “How Self-Absorbed Are We?” “There Is a Crystal Ball.”

Everything good about teams can be lost without the proper knowledge, guidance or experience. You must hire right, share core values, manage the performance of your sales people, and provide tools and training that matter! You’re going to hear a lively discussion about the 5 stages of growing a successful and profitable team, and how you can avoid the predictable pitfalls that Teams can create. Learn from someone with more than 25 years in-the-trenches experience in every aspect of Teams! Ask for Pam’s complete list of Teams sessions– including Team Dynamics I and II and breakouts for Brokers and Agents.

Create your best year ever with higher levels of Production, Profit and Purpose. This power-packed session is tailor made for Top Producers, the BEST of the BEST, who are interested in getting even better!  Also Available: Triple Crown Panel Pam facilitates a conversation with Top Producers and leaders to discuss and illustrate the Triple Crown Performance Principles.

Are you applying the leadership principles that allow you to “Connect, Correct and Collect” and ultimately create a DYNAMIC business, office or company? Let’s take a close look at how focused leadership builds meaningful relationships, creates healthy boundaries of accountability, and leads to results that make the running of a company or office a profitable experience in every way!

Good . . . Better . . . Best! Which reflects the path your business will take this year? In the ever-changing real estate landscape, discovering Mastery allows you to take your best efforts and your income to the next level! We’ll discuss how to master your marketplace by following the trends that matter, track and analyze your numbers better than ever, and maximize your on and offline Brand experience. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to take a look at your business and Master what will make a difference in today’s marketplace!

Growth through real estate team development can be the BEST thing or the WORST thing that’s ever happened to your company’s culture. Finding win-win solutions to important questions regarding team leader qualifications, company benefits and support, appropriation of commissions and fees, and the hiring and termination process can make all the difference! Closing the barn door AFTER teams start to flourish and issues arise can put relationships with your Top Producers at risk. Create healthy boundaries NOW and create stronger, more profitable relationships for agents, brokers and owners, alike!

This highly charged session is filled with creative and effective strategies for managing the “GO-TO” office in your market. Come learn how to maximize on-line and off-line techniques that create market “BUZZ,” how to apply radical retention strategies based on a strong core culture of cooperation, professionalism and market knowledge and hear masterful dialogues that encourage conversation and interaction with the agents you’d like to attract to your office. Don’t miss this great session delivered by one of the industry’s most experienced real estate brokers.

More than ever, brokers AND agents need to protect their bottom line and EVERY dollar counts! We’ll uncover the Top 4 Principles of Profit, including how to Cut the Fat and Not the Stats by giving up “sacred cows,” eliminating waste, and investing in profit-producing concepts and programs. Find out about aligning your off-line and on-line brand and how “ZMOT” can help. If you plan to THRIVE vs. SURVIVE industry challenges moving at warp drive, don’t miss this! It’s time to put your financial future back in YOUR control!

Today’s real estate professionals are more receptive to change than they’ve ever been! Agents finding themselves in this “real estate industry”al revolution are leaving comfort to seek out leadership that understands the challenging landscape! Are you that Leader? We’ll discuss 5 areas of focus that MUST be on your radar screen: becoming their technology filter; providing an interdependent culture of trust, transparency and social savvy; delivering relevant training that rocks; and offering market-sensitive financial programs. But FIRST you have to attract them! Join us to learn “Here and Now” recruiting strategies to bring them in the door and then KEEP them there!

Are you ready for a simplified, effective, BREAKTHROUGH business planning process to increase your agents’ production, focus and effectiveness while decreasing the time to make those things happen? You’ve heard of the 30 minute body power workouts? THIS is the 30 minute business power workout! Be the coach and mentor you’ve always wanted to be and put the responsibility for performance and monthly follow through where it belongs–with your Sales Force! This isn’t theory–Pam’s doing it successfully every day! Learn how you can push your sales force to new production levels, profitability, and passion. Eliminate the mediocrity production plateau!

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